Sunday, May 31, 2009

Aboriginal Art

This is all a bit of an experiment really, but through family connections we will be putting selected images of genuine Aboriginal artwork into the stock portfolio over the coming months. This subject is a tricky one, as Aboriginal Art from certain regions of Australia has been over represented, used for financial profiteering and more, while many really good artists haven't been able to get a look in. No, we are not setting out to re-invent the wheel, but will be trying something that hopefully might give something back to some genuinely talented people. This is being done 'within the family' so to speak and any image license sales will see proceeds go back to the artist.

Point of focus

I couldn't pass up this opportunity at the Kings Park State War Memorial. That single poppy on the wall in amongst all those names sure says something visually. I actually seperated the poppy and turned the background into black and white ... had a go at sepia toning the wall and names, but it didn't look right.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Photographing endemic flora in natural surroundings is fine for the most part, yet I do like the concentrated detail possible from a cut out. Having my own native garden with an amazing Eucalyptus Lehmanni tree helps, but I've made a little home office backdrop set up after a visit to Lyncraft. It's a great way to keep native flowers still too ... into Photoshop and using selection tools yes, but I've just discovered the power of edge modifying tools by accident. I really need to go do a Photoshop course instead of finding these tools by accident, eh ?
And it goes without saying that you wouldn't go picking native flora out of the bush for this kind of endevour. Just wanted to make that point :)

Invasion of Privacy

You never know what's going to pop out of a Banksia flower sometimes. This little Lampropholis species skink just stuck his head out the other day and had a good look around at the new Tamron SP AF90mm f2.8 being aimed at him (or her !). Hand held, deep breath, squeeze too... no time to set up the tripod as the little creature, although curious, was a bit nervous. Still managed to get the shot up to 5100 on the long side and through QC on the mighty Alamy.