Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gekko Images Image Quest Finalists

Well, I didn't win first prize, nor one of those Asukabooks, but it looks like I'm up for some Microsoft software after three of my images placed in the finalists selection in the recent Gekko Images Create09 Image Quest competition. First time I've won anything in my life .... wish Gekko would hury up and make some sales for me though :)
Anyway, here's my three finalist winning shots.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Photos of the Avon Valley

The Avon Valley is one of my favourite locations, but there always seems to be new areas to find and explore. From up near Cobblers Pool, to the Avon Valley National Park and down to Walyunga then Bells ... it's a great area to get into on foot with the camera bag, a 1.25 litre bottle of water and of course, the tripod ! Some shots from yesterday, not the best weather, but we did find the waterfall I'd been meaning to scope out. Quite an exhaustive 1-hour hike (legs turning to jelly, heart pounding in my throat, yes I am 45 ...) to get the angles I wanted, but well worth it. Unfortunately, scum bags like Peet & Co. want to turn this area into a yuppie housing development. Yet another area of natural beauty and endemic importance on Perth's doorstep under threat by money grabbing developers in bed with corrupt politicians ...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Australian wildflower photos

OK, let's make the announcement.
Garden Picture Library in the UK accepted our work about a month back and after the first submission of 50 images, another 30 went away yesterday. Adam Stevens from GPL came back last night on email with news that we had an acceptance of about 40 images from the intial 50. I'm very happy with that ratio, which is excellent for an exclusive library.
In addition to ramping up for GPL, I am now looking at pulling down suitable images from Alamy.
There'd be a 6 month wait for deletion from Alamy and of course, I'd have to make up the shortfall with other material.
Not sure what to do on that front to be honest.

Another Alamy sale

Do I have education photographer stamped on my forehead or what ?
The latest Alamy sale is yet again another education book and yet again another car shot.
Hey, I am not complaining ... well, maybe about the price of US$70, but at least I haven't been caught by any of those Russian Federation spot size prices yet, nor the UK newspaper subscription thing.
Still, we've got heaps more car type shots going up on Alamy at the moment, so the more we can help with World education in the right direction the better :)

Perth stock photos for sale

Just a quick note.
While our work is mainly for Image Libraries, most of our images can be sold directly for genuine commercial purposes. This is well within the boundaries of any contracts we have with Alamy, Gekko etc, etc.
Wether it's for a book, a brochure, presentation or whatever, this Blog gives a good indication of the imagery we have available.
If you think we can help out with a suitable image, simply send an email to
Naturally, we adhere to what might be called industry standard pricing - all we need to know is how many copies of the book / brochure are to be printed, wether Worldwide or just one country, size the image is to be used etc, etc.
We look forward to being of service.

Photos of Perth Redevelopment

Just had another couple of shots of the new Perth city skyscrapers go through Alamy QC. Will be interesting to watch these new buildings grow over the coming months and we'll be recording their development all the way.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gekko Image Quest

I never win anything and hardly enter competitions, but I reckon I might have a chance with the new Gekko Images Quest comp'. It's all a part of Gekko's Create09 push and I've already put a mix of motorsport and nature images through for the Quest Comp. I've just loaded up two of my all time favourite panoramas - Yanchep lake on dusk and Into the Gimmlet. We shall see what happens !