Monday, May 31, 2010

Destruction of Bells Rapids ...

I don't often get political, but word came through overnight that Peet & Co. have been given final approval to send the bulldozers into Bells Rapids and that work will start this spring. The last remaining native forest on the banks of the Swan River around Perth is to be trashed for Political / Corporate greed. Peter Garrett has approved the decimation of habitat for the endangered Black Cockatoo, the EPA didn't even consider the area worthy of their consideration and once again, Developers and politicians have done their usual back-door deals to line each other's pockets. Nice, very nice indeed.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alamy 24Mb size

Alamy's decision to drop its uncompressed minimum size from 50Mb down to 24Mb has opened up a whole new World of possability and we're now back-tracking the entire collection. Already we've had 30 images I previously couldn't get up to size through and passed QC in about 4 days. Complacency will be the thing to watch however, as the Alamy QC process still exists and pixelation, shadow noise and more all have to be factored into wether an image gets uploaded or not.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Perth City Skyscrapers

We've added even more Perth city skyline and skyscraper images to the portfolio. Our range of Perth skyline and skyscraper images is now becoming rather extensive and most of the images show on-going development of the skyline and city.

Perth City Council Lights Up !

The Perth City Council have managed to give their ageing administration building in the heart of the city a whole new look with a rather amazing light show. Obviously in a still image you don't see the patterns or colours or combinations of effects. Clearly the Perth City Council is spending money in the right areas :)