Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stock Photography Sales

After a bit of a hump at the start of the year, stock sales have dropped off and so too Zooms on Alamy. Nonetheless, I have identified specific subjects that are being searched for and which are not being offered out there and which I can provide. In addition to which we have managed to keep getting images loaded and passed at Alamy. The value of constantly re-visiting keywords has also been made clear in recent weeks too. All of this aside, the goal for the immediate future is to crack the 900 images on Alamy mark within the next few weeks ... only about 50 images to go !

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alamy Keywords and keywording

Anyone who thinks they can just add and then forget about their keywords with stock is fooling themselves. Every time I check 'Your Images' on Alamy I always end up discovering words or phrases that were initially left out. And you know what one of the biggest mistakes is ? Yep, it's plurals. Even if the image doesn't have more than one of whatever, the plural version might just be a commonly accepted description or phrase used for that subject. And don't forget those American spelling variations either. Or even commonly accepted wrong spellings for certain words.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alamy Sales - stock photography

Quite a bit of activity on the stock front this past month or so. January rounded out with two more editorial RM sales via Alamy, again, engineering and automotive mechanical images going to US publishers. Also managed to get a set of endemic Western Australian flora images up to Garden Picture Library and am currently preparing the next set for Adams Picture Library. Zooms and views at Alamy seem OK, but stock has now become a monster ...