Monday, July 27, 2009

Create 09 Gekko Images

A post without any photo, well yes !
Image libraries seem to be on a push with 'Self Help' options for us struggling photographers in these days of economic woe ... Alamy have just released FAP (Find A Photographer), while Gekko Images here in Australia are celebrating the launch of their Create 09 website. It's fantastic that libraries such as Alamy and Gekko can offer these services to photographers, but it has taken me nearly an entire day to work out Create 09, build galleries, tag options, enter the Image Quest competition .... it seems so true that the days when you could just be a photographer and leave it at that are long gone. Now the photographer has to be a self marketer, a web site guru, computer specialist, Java know-it-all and, quite possibly, a rocket scientist to survive let alone earn a few miserable dolleros :)