Saturday, September 5, 2009

Alamy QC - soft in the head and lacking directional definition

The Alamy forums have been going right off lately with threads from dis-gruntled contributors who cannot pass Alamy QC. Personally, I don't see what the problem is in regards to interpreting Alamy's guidlines, yet every day it seems someone else comes up with a conspiracy theory about Alamy having this or that problem with shallow depth of field, selective focus etc.
In a recent thread, Alamy's James Allsworth spoke about 18,000 photographers submitting to Alamy and that only a small amount were forum 'regulars.
Well, I checked.
There are 3,460 Forumites.
That's about 19% of 18,000.
Regular complainants would drop that figure down ... possibly, perhaps as low as 10%.
That's what I'd call a minority group for sure.
Getting past Alamy QC isn't rocket science.
This photographer just had another batch go through QC through from the Avon River near Bells Rapids.