Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Stock Photography Sales - Gekko Images

After a year of loading what is now a total of 659 images to Australian library, Gekko Images, we've just cracked our first sale with Gekko. It's not a huge sum, but comes after winning a Microsoft software package in Gekko's Image Quest 09 competition and all up goes against the negativity merchants out there who seem to bag Gekko on the various stock forums.
Yes, it is only 1 sale, but what's the point in being pessamistic all the time ?
Stock, like nearly every other industry in the World, is feeling the economic squeeze.
The trick and approach I think is to be ready to get back up and walk again ... which in this game means keep shooting, keep keywording and keep loading.
Because when things come good again .... here endeth today's lesson.