Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blow Up Enlargements for Everyone !

Never mind the new drag racing season coming ... it's now the downhill run to Christmas 2010. What, are you serious ?
Absoloutely and we have a wide, broad, large, even massive range of photos that can all be blown up and enlarged, making for great presents.
From drag racing to Barbagallo and not forgetting all of our WA Scenery and flora images ... all of it is available to purchase as an enlargement.
Remember too, that our enlargements are true photographic prints, printed by a professional colour photo lab in Perth.
Our 40cm X 50cm print size is proving to be especially popular, although with inflation and price increases all around, the current price of $55.00 postage included is going to rise soon - not much, but a little :)
(and no, that doesn't include framing, because if it did, even for $100.00, it'd be ridiculous !)
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