Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Keywording data base for Stock Photography

I learnt a valuable lesson last week.
With backup and then backup and even more backup the name of the game with images, feature articles as well as personal information for tax and more ... you'd think I'd have devised a system for backing up my keywords and sets of keywords.
Well, when Windows XP went bye bye last week, all my stored Photoshop CS4 IPTC data fields went on a permanent holiday too.
Oh, and yes, I'm still using XP.
Big fan of XP, Vista can go take a jump ... might get to 7 eventually.
Anyway, while most of my keyword sets and groups are in my head, as well as attached to my images around the libraries, it was a valuable lesson learnt.
Even if one does use Bridge or Lightroom or whatever, a seperate backup data base for keywords and sets is a good idea.
Pity it took me this long to realise it.
Better get on with this Excel document then !