Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Directions ...

Well here goes with the first post in six months and the first post since I decided to head in a whole new career direction.
I don't feel that it is appropriate to dissect all of the reasons for my decisions here and now, although I am still contracted to a major Australian car magazine publisher - but am only commiting to selected shoots and write ups on that front.
After a lifetime of interest in nature, animals, plants and the environment, I identified the Conservation and Land Management studies through TAFE as possibly providing me with a means to an end, so to speak.
I therefore began studying Cert II in Conservation and Land Management at Joondalup TAFE back in February and although the course takes up 'only' Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week, there are assignments and other things in life I need to take care off.
Despite the fact that I have not been to school (actually, it was Newtownabbey Technical College near Belfast where I studied General Engineering and specialised in electronics) since 1982, I have taken to the CLM course at Joondalup like the proverbial duck to water.
But will it lead to a decent job and if so when ?
Those indeed, are the golden questions.