Friday, June 3, 2011

How to build a frog pond ... or not.

Something that we've wanted to do on the home front for a long time, is to build a frog pond. And although we've had a pond liner lying around for months, it's been one of those projects that never seemed to get going. Well, we finally made a start, the liner was dug in a few weeks back, the recent rains have filled it up and my search for some endemic grasses today resulted in a couple of mark downs from Bunnings. I would have liked some Schoenus grandiflorus or Austrostipa genus, but all I scored was two different species of Lomandra. I haven't had the courage to investigate wether they are a WA species or from over east. Terrible for a CLM student I know, but we'll try to make up for it next time around. The goal now is to get a nice big granite rock in there to accompany the Eucalyptus log I found today. Oh, and the above photo was taken by wonderful daughter, Esther.