Sunday, June 5, 2011

Planting Western Australian Natives

Spent this morning with the Friends of Maritana Park, helping to plant about 200 rootstock of mainly Calothamnus quadrifidus, Melaleuca systena as well as Scaevola, Austrostipa and some other Genus. There were a few Daviesia in the mix too. Maritana Park is a small area in Kallaroo and is dominated by Acacia saligna and Melaleuca systena. There's a lot of flowering Acanthocarpus preisii in there at the moment too, as well as plenty of Geraldton Carnation Weed (Euphorbia terracina)and other nasties. Maritana is also an important reserve for the Graceful Sun Moth (Synemon gratiosa). The local friends group do a good job in there and have had successful plantings in the past. Weeding is an on-going struggle though, as it is for many friends groups and spraying isn't allowed in this reserve. Surprisingly, I was told that there are no orchids in Maritana. I might have to investigate further and try to dispel this over the coming months. Here's hoping anyway !